Job 33:4

The Spirit of God has made me; the breath of the Almighty gives me life.”


The book of Job (another book found in the Old Testament) doesn’t waste time in explaining how awesome Job is. The first chapter opens with explaining his wealth: he’s got tons of oxen, sheep, camels, donkeys, more than enough servants to make life comfortable, and more sons than daughters (7 vs 3). He was also an upstanding, God-fearing guy who had all his ducks in a row and was basically a pretty popular guy in the “Land of Uz“.

Life was happening for Job, until Chapter 1 takes a quick turn for the unexpected: one day Satan speaks with God and–because of Satan’s argument that Job has not been “truly tested” in his faith in God–is allowed to test the validity of Job’s upright, blameless, and God-fearing nature. Satan wants  a chance to prove Job’s “faith” is only a result of his riches; and (ultimately) God, well…God grants Satan the opportunity to prove his claim wrong.

There is more to it than what I will go into, but as a whole the book of Job explores how the very foundation of a person is what supports them when all is lost. It also discusses one of the most popular questions: why do bad things happen to good people?

Job lost his house, his kids, servants, and wealth; then he lost his physical wellness and eventually even his friends. He was literally left with nothing, and yet his faith in God remained. Job was a man of solid spiritual foundation, so when the structure of his life was destroyed and the dust from the storm settled, he was able to rebuild.

Today’s verse (33:4) reemphasizes the importance of acknowledging how God–the almighty, all-loving God–created us, and because He created us, He will take care of us (possible comparison to Matthew 6:26). While in the context of the book of Job this verses doesn’t carry quite this meaning, out of context in the modern day world, the verse can carry a significant amount of weight.

If you’re one who struggles with the “why?” question, the book of Job is one book you should read.







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